Maintenance Coordinator Job Duties

1.Seek out and repair house maintenance problems.

2.Do repairs yourself or arrange for a work-trader (or professional, when needed) to do them.

3.Make non-food bike runs pertaining to the upkeep of the house (Note: Use non-toxic cleaning materials, reasonably priced.)

4.Organize work party. Keep track of work-party hours. Organize a work party chart and keep in visible area.

5.Keep the tool room clean. Keep an inventory of tools up to date.

6.Develop a long term (1-5 years) building maintenance plan. In spring, work with the board so that the future building projects can be budgeted (roof repairs, major plumbing, gutters, etc.)

7.Participate in all Maintenance Committee meetings.

8.Keep track of house maintenance budget. Make sure we don't go over.

9.Upkeep first aid kit.

10.Hold a safety talk for all members at a house meeting at the beginning of term. Meeting should include:
a. Explanation of fire alarm system
b. Directions to first aid kit and where it's kept as well as other safety supplies like fire extinguishers.
c. Explain that all halls and stairways must be kept clear and uncluttered for fire safety. (Fire Marshall gets down on us for this.)
d. Explain the appropriate places to store bikes. (Anywhere besides the basement is inappropriate and a fire hazard.)
e. Explain fire drills.

11.If need be, remind people of the above safety measures at weekly meetings.

12.Hold at least 1 fire drill per term. The house members must get out of the house in 1 minute or less. Otherwise, another fire drill must happen in the near future until the time is met.

13.Finally, since you are responsible for the general safety and security of the house, you should have a set of keys to secured areas.

14. Please see the LM maintenance book or the LM maintenance section of the wiki for a maintenance checklist for several specific duties and information about the maintenance of the house. Obtain the book at the beginning of the term and then return it to the office at the end of the term.

8 Points or 4points x 2.