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Lorax Food Survey

  • Please classify your eating habits under one of the following categories (or provide an alternative category):
    • pure vegan ____
    • vegetarian who usually prefers to have cheese when it’s offered _____
    • vegetarian who usually prefers the vegan option when it’s offered _____
    • omnivore ____
    • other_____________________________________________
  • Do you have any food allergies __________________________________
  • If you were menu planner and you had to plan a full week of meals, what would you plan?
  • What types of side dishes would you like to accompany meals?
  • What types of general consumption and snack foods would you like to have on a regular basis?
  • If you drink cow’s milk, which 2 types of milk are most preferable to you? please circle 2: skim 1% 2% whole
  • If you drink rice or soy milk, which types do you prefer? calcium fortified vanilla cocoa plain unsweetened
  • Are there any foods for which you have a strong distaste?
  • What’s your favorite meal? If you’d like us to prepare it during the term, please provide a recipe with sufficient detail so that the cooks can prepare it (you can write it on the back)
  • Other comments or general suggestions: