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Lorax House Policies

Please note: These policies may be amendments to corporate policy or wholly unique to the Lorax Manner.

Membership applications must have at least four comments from Lorax house members before consideration for approval. At least one comment must come from a member who has directly interacted with the applicant. -Fall 2009

Summer meetings weekly @ 6:30. -Spring 2007

Proposals passed during the summer term will have to be re-proposed and passed in the fall if they are meant to last beyond the summer term. -Spring 2007

House "meeting" changed to "Electric Magical Celebration of Color and Light". -Spring 2007

The Lorax adds to the SCA Guest Policy that an Outsiders must be approved by 3 members in order to stay and can not stay longer than 7 days with out house consent at a house meeting.  Also, they can be asked to leave at any point by a house member if they feel uncomfortable. -Spring 2007

Only one case of coconut milk per week TOPS will be purchased with the Lorax food budget (coconut milk from Thailand isn't local).  Red lentils from Turkey banned from being bought by Lorax food budget. -Spring 2007

An amendment to the SCA Pet Policy for the Lorax states that in the Lorax Manner visiting pets and Katie Weidman's rabbit are allowed to stay in the house. -Winter 2004

As a previous member of the SCA wanting to guest at the Lorax Manner, if their dues are good and they are in good standing with the SCA, they are granted a week grace period without paying.  For this week they do not have specified jobs, just helping out around the house.  After the first week they have 3 options:
  • $10 per day and 7 hours of work per week.
  • $5 per day and 12 hours of work per week.
  • 15 hours of work per week
There will be a list of jobs for them to work on, that are not just taking another member's house jobs.  After 30 days, they either need to move out, or apply to become an SCA member.  -Spring 2003