History of the SCA

SCA timeline from 1900 +

1900 -  1790 Alder St (Janet Smith) built as one family dwelling

1925 - 1670 Alder St. (Campbell Club) built for Delta Zeta Sorority House

1928 - 1648 Alder St. (Lorax Manner) built  Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority 

1934 -  A group of men from the Northwest Christian College begin living 'cooperatively' in a three bedroom apartment as an experiment to see how well they could live as cheaply as possible.                    
            Howard Ohmart, an SCA Alumni stayed with this group for a term.

1935 - Members from the Wesley Club began studying the Rochdale Weavers and the Swedish cooperative movement curious about starting a student cooperative in Eugene.
         - Summer: Howard Ohmart, Charles Paddock and Briton Ash, begin organizing and recruiting to live cooperatively by fall term of that year.
         - September 23 Howard Ohmart recieves permission from the University housing comittee to start a cooperative house.
         - 18 men join together to form Wallace J. Campbell Coooperative House at 13th and Hilyard. The namesake was a member of the Wesley Club while he attended U of O and was an activist   
          for the cooperative movement.

1936 - Campbell Club moves to 1335 Kincaide Street and opens a second house at 13th and Alder
         - Fall term: the first women's cooperative opens with the help of Janet Smith

1944 - Campbell Club moves to 1335(?) Alder, previously Phi Sigma Kappa

1945 - Janet Smith, UO employment secretary and adviser to the women's cooperatvies, dies at age 54

1962 - Campbell Club moves to 1670 Alder Street

1963 - November 24: a bomb explodes on the south side of the Campbell Club shattering windows (O.D.E.)

1972 - Summer: Women accepted as members on a trial basis
         - A motion to ban Playboy magazine from the co-op fails.

1980 - April 20: Co-op Alumni Reunion

1981 - 1790 Alder St (JS) purchased by the SCA for $175,000
         - Janet Smith Co-op Opens
         - October 10: 2nd annual Co-op Alumni Reunion to celebrate the opening of Janet Smith Cooperative

1983 - December: LIse Rein, SCA business manager, gives notice of resignation and continues to work until Feb. 28

1984 - January: SCA hires Elbert Steele as SCA business manager and Michael Archer as organization manager

1988 - Summer: Campbell Club undergoes major renovations including: refinishing the hardwood floors, painting halls and installing 1st floor bathroom. Janet Smith kitchen completely renovated.
         - SCA begins using consensus for decision making

1989 - Co-opers help to organize parking structure petition slated to be built across the street from the Campbell Club

1990 - Fall Term: Lorax Manner Cooperative Opens
         - Co-oeprs participate in student protests of CIA presence on campus.

1991 - Co-op members participate in local anti-Persian Gulf war protest
         - Co-ops are the subject of Daily Emerald feature article titled "Co-ops Provide Shelter from the Commonplace"
         - November: co-op alumni reunion

1994 - February: Co-op members fight to have the Amazon Family Housing Complex turned into a cooperative
Policy changes to allow members to attend any institution of higher education (not solely UO)

1997 - Winter term: Janet Smith leased to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center called Passages for 3 1/2 years.

1998 - Melanie Sicotte is hired as business manager

2000 - Fall term: Janet Smith house reopens

2005 - Janet Smith House closes winter term due to low membership, but reopens fall term as graduate student house